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All About Mae!


     Ms. Mae's Pleasure Parties was formed in 2012 after Downtown Fullerton's premiere sex shop, The Naughty Teddy, closed their doors. After that, Ms. Mae Loda-Bride decided to open her legs and her vast knowledge of sexual deviance unto the world and sell products all on her own!

     Ms. Mae's Pleasure Parties is NOT a pyramid scheme, nor is she recruiting anyone to help her with her sales. Her generous heart, and over-stimulated libido, simply want nothing more than to offer the best toys, for the best prices to the SoCal public!

     Having studied fashion and medicine (obviously she's Filipina), all while working as a buyer for The Naughty Teddy; Ms. Mae's Pleasure Parties are not only scandalously fun, but immensely informative as well!

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